Si in the Seattle Times

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Boy Sii, that's a nice work space, but it could use a little more personality.

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The idea is that the spaces are for temporary use - however a few font specimen books and other props wouldn't go amiss. Anyway the building is in a great location, we're going to try to book some space in it for next year's Business of Type event.

Cheers, Si

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That space looks way too neat for me to work in!


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well I remember before I left a Microsoft building there were some cubical things for visitors set up like temp desks. And I think IBM fist started the temp office where you used a card to login to any desk. And in old 90s MS we use to be able to log in easily from home. So 10 years later it's a commute thing.

p.s. the Dalton Maag way is to work from home or I ride a motorcycle to work to get there in under 18-25 minutes through any kind of traffic that would take a car 00:50-1:30 to do it or the London Underground of 40:00-1:00. So the London way is to bike, motorcycle or login from home with +MSN Messenger. No cube required.

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