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I'm starting a small web design studio marketing to local small businesses. Please critique. Thanks.studio515 logo

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These concepts all look radically different from each other. Is there something specific you want to convey about your services, personality, etc?


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These are just brainstorming ideas. If there is a theme, I suppose you might call it "street sign" as in 515 Main St.

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The common thread I see through 1, 3, and 4 is a contemporary business that talks fast and thinks fast but produces results in the end

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Actually, 515 was the first 3-digit number combination out of a series that wasn't already a registered domain. But maybe I should think of some interesting story to tell when people ask. I was prisoner 515 at Alcatraz or that was my squadron number in the Air Force. :-)

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Stephen -- there are quite a few typefaces that feature
extremely distinctive 5s and 1s. Some of these faces
are script faces, incidentally. Maybe this is another direction to go?


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Hmmm... I'D say that with such a cool numeric name it should be mostly the figures and nothing else. If possible, even ditch the studio :-D. Just 515. It's a cool number.

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Because I'm targeting smaller local business, I didn't want to get too abstract. "studio" is really the only element that hints at what kind of company this logo is for. Besides, I've already registered

I did try to emphasize the 515 element in some of the designs. I think BJ is right in that the right unique typeface would give these logos more individuality.

I'm trying to keep it simple and I don't have a lot of revision time. Is there any one design that that stands out above the others? Any problems or adjustments that could improve any specific designs?

Thanks for all the feedback.

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RE: "I don't have a lot of revision time."

Considering that you are only at the "

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I like the idea of the 515 partially cutout from a background like 1 and 4. Instead of settling on one concrete design, I'd focus more on choosing/creating a distinctive typeface for the text and numerals and using that as the common thread in all designs. That way, you can continually alter the background shape/image/what-have-you, without changing the distinctiveness of the logo.

For example, if you took the "studio 515" from #4 and made the field in the shape of a red fireman's helmet, it would still be recognizable as your logo. Many companies do this when branding product, some even go so far as to change all parts of the design but the name itself.

As for typeface recommendations, I'm a sucker for serif small caps. A nice Neoclassical or Lyrical Modernist face, with condensed italic numerals and standard-weight small caps for the text would look smashing,

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