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So I guess most received a recent Veer promo piece that is all secret society. There's a cthulhu figure in the seal on the front and fun puzzles etc. inside. So I was walking by and looked at it upside down and it looks like Yosemite Sam. Am I seeing things?

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Looking at Cthulhu puts weird stuff like that in one’s head.

And since it came up, that’s the coolest promo piece I’ve seen in a long while. Whoever designed that thing and got a client to sign off now has more nerd cred than anyone save Bill Gates. Of course, maybe I’m not the best judge seeing as how I named my thesis typeface after a character in The Dunwich Horror.

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Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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You decide.

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>You decide.

Put down the "promo piece" and step away from the iBong... ;-)

Cheers, Si

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I see it too. :^/

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>I see it too. :^/

Didn't you recently relocate to California? Coincidence?

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:^P Yes. But not Humboldt County. ;^)

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