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Im sure this question has been asked many times here before, but im still going to ask.

I haven't cut a font for a few years, I used Fontographer previously, and found it a bit clunky and illogical at times, but it was all that was there and i got good results.

But i'd like to start designing type again properly and am looking at software, I will create the vector files in Adobe Illustrator (post pen) but would like to know what people recommend for the final steps in the process.. having nosed around and downloaded a few demos, Fontographer seems no different to the old version, and Fontlab seems to have quite a nice bezier curve editing system, but without using either for a decent project or two its really hard to make a choice.

so basically, is it just a choice between these two, or is there any good software i've not come across? Im not worried about the cost (within reason) as its just one computer. so what does anyone recommend.

(sorry for the dull question)


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The overwhelming majority of professionals use FontLab.

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Hey Stewf, Did you ever post the compiled results/analysis? I'm having difficulty finding it.



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I'm obviously having difficulty posting it. ;) Coming this week.

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I was in your position about a year ago. I hadn't messed with font making for about 15 years, and suddenly I caught the bug again. Fontographer had a new version for the Mac, so I took it as an omen and bought the upgrade. I had created several alphabets in Illustrator, but found it tedious to get the glyphs into Fontographer. Cut and paste didn't work - possibly because my version of Illustrator is old. Fontographer also lacked the ability to create OpenType fonts, and that was a feature I really wanted. I ended up getting the upgrade to FontLab Studio, and I haven't regretted it.

I still do my preliminary work in Illustrator, and it's very easy to paste the glyphs into FontLab. Most users say they prefer to do everything in FontLab so I may change my methods one day. Not yet though.

Leslie Cabarga's book, Learn FontLab Fast was a big help with the learning curve.

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