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Hi, my name is Megan, and I'm currently developing my first typeface. The purpose of this typeface was to demonstrate how people change their way of thinking as they grow older. In this project, I gave children of varying ages the exact same set of shapes cut out of paper, and instructed them to create letters from the alphabet out of the shapes. The younger children were considering the parts of the letters, whereas the older children payed closer attention to the overall forms of the letters.

I'd appreciate any input anyone may have in terms of translating their forms into a successful type family. Thanks :]

Here's a link to my specposter.

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Fontlab's ScanFont might be a good route, though I've never used it. It makes great claims as to what it can do. Somebody else here might know a bit more about it.

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ScanFont would work. I've played with the demo and liked it. ScanFont won't work by itself. It works in conjunction with TypeTool or Fontlab Studio.

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