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hi guys,

i was wondering if people could help me compile a list of common words/pronouns from as many languages as people know. Kind of like Bello words but not just English, words that would be useful for a range of languages.

Some examples:

English: the, and, it, you, who, he, she, why

French: le, la, les, que, qui,


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Wikipedia can surely help with ponouns for many languages –
for example German (Deutsch) -> scroll to Klassifikation

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are you asking for pronouns, or all simple words, or both, or is it any simple common words, including prepositions, verbs, pronouns, and articles ?
("the" is an article, not a pronoun, but you must know more about grammar than i do.)

words which could be fun and playfully meaningful to visually emphasize ?

this. that. them. they. those. these. what. is. was. will. be. am. would. should. could. he. she. it. his. hers. their. theirs. you. your. yours. i. me. my. oh. not. but. a. an. and. any. ever. never. all. some. few. none. soon. later. now. yes. no. maybe. who. when. why. whom. which. of. in. on. by. into. onto. up. down. over. under. before. after. etc.

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yeah it more along the lines of what Ch is describing, its for a script font so common words that could be substituted with something a little special. I didn't just want to add a bunch of english words, thought it would be better to add a mixture from other languages.

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Articles: de, het, een

Pronouns: ik, mij, me, jij, je, u, hij, zij, ze, het, hem, haar, het, wij, we, ons, jullie, hen, hun.

Possessive pronouns: mijn, jouw, zijn, haar, ons, onze, jullie, uw, hun

And some of the ones that Ch added for English also in Dutch:

Prepositions: bij, tot, op, om, in, uit, door, naar, voor, achter, boven, onder, naast, langs, tegen (just a selection)

Conjunctions: al, als, behalve, dan, dat, doch, doordat, dus, evenals, hoewel, maar, mits, nadat, nu, of, om, omdat, tenzij, toen, tot, want (just a selection)

If you want to know what some of them are in English, let me know. :)

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