(x) Restoring Endangered Trees, similar to ITC Golden - Adobe Jenson {James Block}

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I need to match this font EXACTLY in order to tie into an existing website.

I've used Whatthefont? and Indentifont, and still not certain what I have here.

The closest match I've found is ITC Golden:

But Golden seems a little too bold compared to the sample.

What say you, Typophiles?

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Edit: Nevermind.

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Sure looks like the same font to me - perhaps white on brown at that size, optimized for web will be good?

(Am trying to resist the urge to tell you to scrap all this website's graphical text and install dynamic image replacement scripts.) (Oops, I failed!) ;)

PS-Have you checked horrible free font rip-off sites? If it's a non-profit on a tight budget, there's a good chance that's the source....


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For a second there I thought it was Truesdell.

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The sample needs to be larger in size-difficult to make out the detail of the letters.

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Also reminds me a lot of Venetian 301 BT Bold (I forget the "real" name.)

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Centaur, maybe?

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The sample looks like a dead ringer for Adobe Jenson Pro Semibold to me. Jenson Pro is included with many versions of Adobe CS, making it even more likely to be the font in your sample.

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Good catch. I was looking at the Adobe Jenson specimen book in my husband's office and remembered this thread. I'd say Adobe Jenson is the correct answer.

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Aha! Nice work!

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Right on. Many thanks to all who responded. I hope to return the favor some day.

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