Software Transferability: MAC --> PC

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Ok. I'm hoping that I get Thomas' attention. But I'm betting my boss is crazy. I know that for Adobe specifically you can transfer the license, but not sure if you can transfer the platform.


Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer licenses for software from MAC to PC? I'm specifically curious about Adobe, but anything would be interesting. Media 100 too.

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Thanks Thomas. :-) We figured as much. Turns out they will work with us. It is just a matter of some paper work. :-) Adobe has some of the most understanding and workable licenses around.

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I'm thinking probably not, but I'm not certain, so this is definitely a time to call Adobe Customer Service.

If you're in the US or Canada (which you are):

"For general questions about Adobe products, call 800-833-6687 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week."


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