"Miami Beach Florida" geometric Art Deco display sans

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Hi Everyone, I think this might be hand drawn, but does someone know of any typefaces similar to this? Love the R! Maybe there's something similar with lowercase as well? You guys are awesome, thanks in advance!

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Hi Sarah,

you might like Egret, Jocelyn, Bayer Sans or Timbre.

However, I’m afraid the ‘R’ is … err, ‘unique’. ;-)

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Oh. I've seen this before. That R (which I think is cute and apropos of the style) is going to haunt me today.

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Same here... :^/

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I thought it might have been Dinky Rink by Nick Curtis, but it's not quite a match.

- Lex

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Brilliant suggestions! I really like Jocelyn and will try customizing it a bit. Thank you!

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You might like Chic Hand from Flat-it.

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