April House Call from House Industries

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House Call April 2008 Showcard Stunt! John Downer goodness New single font release

House Showcard Stunt is the result of a customer request for a full lowercase for House Showcard from the Sign Painter collection. Sounds simple, but when we crack something open that we released nearly a decade ago, ten years of experience kicks in and makes us look at things in a different light. Think about it: In 1998 there was no European Monetary Union, typography systems did not have Unicode support, one page-layout software package had a stranglehold on the publishing industry and instant messaging meant picking up the phone and calling someone. And, more simply, we know a heckuva lot more about typography now than we did back then.

Showcard Stunt includes “smart” OpenType programming that gives it a warmer hand-lettered feel in a wide range of display applications as well as full Eastern and Central European language support. The font is available now for immediate download at www.houseindustries.com.

Click here to preview and purchase the new Showcard Stunt.

Showcard Stunt characters
Neutraface No.2

In case you missed it, we’ve further expanded our Neutraface suite to make it even more versatile. Both Neutraface collections include four text weights with true italics, five display weights, seven different figure styles, and integrated language support for Central and Eastern Europe. Neutraface No. 2 is defined by its higher crossbars and several more subtle design tweaks. All of the collections are available separately or can be purchased together with a savings of over $100. Check out our new consolidated Neutraface page.

Click here to preview and purchase the entire Neutraface Collection.

TDC Big Winners
Major award! Studio Lettering and Blaktur

Ken’s Blaktur font and forthcoming Studio Lettering collection were honored by the Type Directors Club as part of the organization’s 2008 type design competition. Studio Lettering will be available on May 1, 2008, so be sure that your House Industries mailing address is up to date. Email any address changes to changes@houseind.com.

Click here to preview and purchase Blaktur

Spring Lectures
KB Ken releases the Kraken

Ken was itching to see first hand one of the few reasons for an “fj” ligature, so he traveled to Oslo early this month to make a presentation and give a workshop sponsored by Grafill, the Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication. He was also invited to lecture at the Institute of Industrial Design, part of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Ben at AIGA Oklahoma Ben goes to Oklahoma

Sooners wishing to experience the House Industries oeuvre need only travel to the state’s eponymous city as native Midwesterner Ben Kiel makes his triumphant return to the center of the country. April 24, 2008, The Oklahoman Auditorium.


Cuckoo for TypoBerlin Rich at Typo Berlin

From the beautiful rolling farmland of the Allgäu to the blistering speed of the A-9 from Munich, House partner Rich Roat can’t get enough German culture. He’ll be traveling to perhaps the world’s best design conference in Berlin for the fifth year, this time without the House Industries band so you can actually hear what he’s talking about. May 31, 2008, Typo Berlin.


Kern at Daytona
Vanson x House for Kern   House 'Factory' Rider

Fonts don’t have much to do with motorcycle racing, but our buddy Nate Kern keeps his BMW R1200S in the winners circle with the help of his House factory powered Vanson and Kushitani suits. We’re not sure how many spectators at the March 2nd Daytona Moto ST race were subliminally influenced to make their type selections at House Industries, but it sure is fun watching our logo riding on Nate’s suit as he turns fast laps and stands on the podium.

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