Jonathan Hoefler in London

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Did anybody else catch the talk with Jonathan Hoefler and Janet Froelich last night?

I thought Hoefler was very interesting and though I was aware of most of the faces he covered it was quite insightful to hear him talk in detail about them. Most of what he said was on the theme of conservation, which is an interesting angle. Though he admitted it was a talk he often gives with Frere-Jones (who wasn't there) it still seemed quite relevant. I suppose it's quite difficult to dislike the man anyway.

I was amazed that one bloke got up and got Hoefler to sign an autograph!

As for Froelich, well, I shoudn't say too much. I thought the magazine she art directs for the NY Times that she talked about was quite mediocre. In fact, don't get me started on the fractur T!

I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts?

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I was there for his talk at Pentagram day before yesterday. It was a great evening.
And after the talk I got a chance to have a picture with him as well. :)

I loved their Retina typeface.

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I missed it! f**k


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i'm sad i missed the presentations, but it was nice to get some type criticism from Jonathan while he was here.

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