tremenda font (black serif)

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This font is a modular experiment.
I have doubts in the R tail, the O and the C.

espero sus comentarios.

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I'm with you on the R tail.

Creo que sea demasiado pequeño por un font que se llama "tremenda."

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Edit: I like how it doesn't exactly feel like a modular font.

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The C is tricky, can't even see it!

The contrast on the O doesn't seem to get as thin as the other letters. I think my eyes want to see the crossbars (E, f) a little longer. Some of those stems are seriously thick...

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Gracias por los omentarios.

Revisaré: LA C jajaja, claro, no está. La O, es verdad, falta contraste. Y si la cola de la R... mmm.
El nombre es por el sitio web al que pertenece

a new image, soon.

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N looks relatively narrow. I think its center should be made at least as heavy as your standard vertical.

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