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I have two questions..

I'm wondering if anyone has tips on how to control paragraph rules? I've applied paragraph rules to headers on a book but whenever these headers end up on top of the column, the rule either sits above or below the column margin, depending on the text's baseline and/or space applied by the paragraph style.

The other question is about keep options settings. I've fudged with both the keep options and H&J settings on my paragraph styles to no success. The awkward paragraph breaks are brutal. :(

Below is a PDF.. Be gentle, pls note I haven't finessed the layout/typesetting yet. I'm still figuring out how to control the paragraph rules and paragraph breaks.

Anything helps, thank you!

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I think I'm not completely clear on what you're asking, but my understanding is that your headers are not aligning to the leading you have set for it.

One thing that I immediately noticed is that there is no baseline grid being used. In two-column text (page 8), it looks odd having the baselines not match up. I strongly suggest you set this up. By fixing your paragraph styles to the baseline grid, I think your headers will fit as you're wishing them to. (in paragraph styles: INDENTS AND SPACING, choose the drop-down menu ALIGN TO GRID>ALL LINES).

Apologies if i'm answering the wrong question

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Thanks so much.. The baselines are now lining up quite nicely, much improved.

My question is regarding the main headers – or rather the rules of the main headers – not lining up properly with the column margins. The leading/spacing style applied to the main headers are affecting the way its rules sit in relation to the top of the column. You can see this happening on the left side of spreads 2-4 on the PDF below. Specifically these headers: "All You Need Is A Baby, A Breast And A Brain" "Milk Release" "Maintaining Milk Supply"

If anyone has any valuable tips, much appreciated. Thanks again.

Note: It's been suggested that I treat the headers as objects, that way they always end up on the margins. I'm afraid that may lead to a nightmare situation once copy editing is involved.

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Did you know that you can make a dotted-stroke line, cut it, and then paste it in to your actual text block? It will then treat the line as if it is a character in the text. With the white arrow, you can adjust it within the paragraph (you could also adjust the baseline shift in the style sheet or text palate. This may come in handy...

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We added a feature to InDesign (CS3?) that will shift the first line of text down in the frame in order to keep the rule inside the text frame. It's a checkbox in the paragraph rule above dialog labeled "keep in frame". It isn't available for rules that may stick out below the bottom of a frame (but it would be nice).

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