Text typeface for Frutiger headlines

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I work on an internal magazine for a large company. The CI typeface is Frutiger. I would like to keep this typeface for headlines and pull quotes, but not for the text. I cannot find a typeface which works great together with Frutiger. Times seems to be good, but I don't want to use it. Tooooooo many magazines use Times as a text typeface in the Czech Republic and I think the use of it is very ordinary.

I don't want something too extravagant. The typeface should be rather invisible, but elegant. It should be economical in space and legible in small size.

Thank you for any idea...

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> Times still a good font, special in 10pts, but i agree whit you. > Because of massive use, Times became a little bit vulgar. For that > propose i think Filosofia [from Emigre] it's a nice and elegant > choice. >

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Have you consider to use the Swift. It is an elegant typeface and is economial in space. The combination with Frutiger is balanced.

The Minion and Seria are good options to.

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What about Meridien? Also by Frutiger. Very nice legible face. Really lovely italic. Sympathetic in form to Frutiger. No os figs or small caps so far as I know, though.

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theantiqua (lucas de groot) or proforma might work too.

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Elegant: narrow and contrasty.
Rather invisible: nothing by a Czech designer. :-)

What about Clearface? Somewhat old-fashioned, but a nice balance between interest and invisibility. The question is if it matches Frutiger. But note that Clearface has a sans, so maybe use that instead?

Then there's Whitman.


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Apollo is a nice text face also by Frutiger, and it includes small caps and os figures -- not sure if it's equipped for Czech...

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What about Charter? Good at small sizes, not too contrasty. Maybe not economical enough in width?


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Actually, narrowness is only stricly economical for settings of one line - width can actually gain you more economy! By allowing a smaller point size, and less waste through line-breaks.


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We just did a project pairing John Baskerville with Frutiger, and it worked very well.

+ John Baskerville was drawn by Storm (who last I checked is Czech) and is fully equipped with all of the necessary CE variations.

But I am not sure if you want a serif for your text face...

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I think some ideas are great and I hope my client will be satisfied with the result.

I don't need a font with CE characters, I am experienced in font editing and I do the localization very often.

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