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I'am busy working on an logo for an branche-organisation for lightning.

Please, will you give your opinion.


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Thanks for the warning Tiffany. It is curious, when I checked it this afternoon there were two messages.

Here it comes again.

nla.pdf (15.7 k)

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I'd say, try offering more space (and even space) around the yellow characters - the A bothers me a bit...not on the same baseline and all.

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How is the logo being used? Is for stationary or signage?

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Hi Daniel,

The logo is for stationary and the usage in word-documents.

I made some little approvements as Tanya says. There most be more space around the yellow characters.
(with my excuses for using bad english language)


NLA-01.pdf (186.0 k)

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Nicolien do you have a stacked version? It might be necessary in certain applications like a business card.

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Nicolien, nothing posted. Try again?

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