Eight Zero

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I'm working on creating a logo for my online portfolio. Does it read Eight Zero ok? I was born in 1980... so that's why I'm using Eight Zero as my name. Thanks...

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John, this is some lovely swash action. It reads for me. I'd suggest not using the white hairlines to define edges. I like the beginning EIG more because of it. The backside of the cross-stroke on T seems a little thin, maybe should be closer to the front side of the cross-stroke on the H? The tail on the r seems a little horsey and the finial too sharp. You have a (sort of ) ball terminal on the cross-stroke on the EIG, but then you use sharp on the second E and the R and O. Not that combining both is bad, but maybe you need to decide how and where those are used a little bit more?

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Thanks Miss Tiffany for your suggestions

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looking great ... the only crit at the moment is the shifting position of the strokes in the EGH's. Love the syle thought.

great stuff.

Paul Ducco
Design Studio Melbourne

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I love it.

I think the hairline strokes work perfectly to show when the swash is behind or in front of the letter.

Great work.

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