Misztótfalusi Kis Miklós' autobiography. Proper English title and more please

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I've been working on a typeface family inspired by different cuts of Kis types. It's no revival, but I thought I give credit where credit's due.
Right now I'm doing some research into Kis' connections with Sweden (I've found correspondence that shows he sold type 1686/1687 to Swedish printers).
There are a few articles in Swedish that refers to parts of his autobiography, thus far I've found two misspellings (one is repeated in subsequent articles) and no correct version. I did find the book though, and if there is anyone who knows the correct translation of the title it would be very appreciated. It's not for a paper, I just want all details to be correct.
And also important, does anyone know of any translations of this book?

The title is (unless it continues, check the link):

Maga személyének, életének és különös cselekedeteinek mentsége

And since I can't seem to insert images I'll write the links to the pictures:

cover, reprint:

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