Typeface for Magazine Subheads

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Hi all,
As always, I believe that the knowledge of the collective far outweighs that of the individual. So, once again, I turn to typophile for suggestions.

I'm looking for a great, black or bold weighted, legible typeface to use for subheads in a brand new, high end magazine I'm currently designing. I would like it to have minor traits of art deco without compromising its legibility. I have something in mind for the layout that requires the chosen typeface to be on the bold side.

Any suggestions are appreciated and thanks in advance!

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Depending upon how "deco" you want to go here is a small selection:
Anisette and Anisette Petite from Porchez Typofonderie
Neutraface from House Industries
Eagle from The Font Bureau
Mostra from Mark Simonson Studio
Bernhard Gothic from URW
Agency from The Font Bureau

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I don't know about "great," but my own Hypatia Sans would seem to fit the rest of that description. :)

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:^/ I thought Hypatia was only available as an incentive. Sorry, T.

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