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okay, this is a fun project i've been fooling with today

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Maybe try setting their names in something lighter? Maybe even use Patria for them.

That's it, I don't really know what newspaper "mugshots" are, I don't think we have them in Israeli newspapers. Do they come at the heading or bottom of an article? Or maybe in a seperate page?

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hey meir, here's an example of our current mugshots. We usually run mugshots with weekly columns from our reporters. Here is an example of what we have been running so that you can see the typical layout and make a comparison between what has been done and what i'm trying to do.old1

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why use a cursive for the e-mail adress. I think there if enough difference because you use a smaller font.

To make it more quiet, you can give the name the same color black, not an percentage of black.

The combination Patria and Folio is nice.


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i agree with nicolien about using upright letters for the e-mail address and applying the same percentage of black for the name.

the main problem i'm having with how your new mugshots look is that the name looks sort of like it's "hovering" in mid-air. Maybe try and move the name to the bottom, as a new line above "Reporter, The Winslow Mail".

the way you positioned the actual photo, by the way, is a big improvement comparing to how it looks now. good luck with it!

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oh yeah, i was gonna switch the email addresses back to roman. however, i like the hovering effect I'm afraid if i moved the names to the bottom there would be too much white space (not that white space is a bad thing) but i would feel like there was "hole" if i consolidated the names towards the bottom. oh, and i like the duotone names, i'm definately keeping that aspect.

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Paul, align to the left.

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Paul, in the current layout, seems like a drop cap or
first-sentence small caps would be an improvement ...

You were doing a redesign, yeah?

Maybe you could show us how the new mugs look
in the context of the new layout ... otherwise, it's
kinda difficult to give you an accurate critique.


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hector: align EVERYTHING to the left? or what?

bj: yeah i'm trying to redesign our paper as inspiration comes. (which is very slow). So far I've tried to re-design the front page including the nameplate. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about replacing the text type (which is currently Times)
I like the drop cap idea. Do you think i should just use that for columns (where these mugs are used)? I tend to think that using it more than that (except maybe in the headlining story) might be overkill, especially because our paper is so small. I'll the dropcaps a try and post the results for commentary. Thanks for the interest and your suggestions guys!

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okay, here's what i came up with. The first example is set in Times (what we are currently using) the second in Patria (which i would like to switch to if i can jump through all of the corporate hoops in the right order).
Is this what you had in mind bj? Do you think another layout would be more effective. Lemme know whatcha think.

application/pdfin Times
Tester1.pdf (444.3 k)

application/pdfin Patria
Tester2.pdf (449.2 k)

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I think you should pull all that stuff together in a box to keep it tidy. Too many typefaces and sizes are distracting to a reader.

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Align everything to the left, I found a little messy to have all of those elements at different line depths. I had a trouble in my machine so I couldn

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Hi Paul,

Much improved! I would still consider 4 things.
1. The fuzz clipping on the photo. Try a hard edge with a very simple light shadow.
2. The copy between the rules is cramped. Too close to the rules, or too far from each other (fiddle with both). Do you need both? Would one be fine?
3. The drop cap is ok, but you have many indicators that you are at the start of a story: Headline, Photo, Name, Rules, Etc. I'd ditch it.
4. This may make me unpopular, but of your two choices I'm not getting good vibes off of Patria. Apologies up front Hrant. I know a rediculous effort was put into it. (It could partly be the setting) The trouble for me is not technical, it's aesthetic. IMHO, Patria lacks some visual cohesion. If this turns into a big side discussion, lets take it to the Patria critique.


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> Patria lacks some visual cohesion.

I would hope so! It's a text font. There are many details (such as the dot on the i&j being too big, the serifs on ascenders being different sizes, etc.) that are consciously designed to help reading, but they can't be pretty as well. Formal harmony at the letterform level is not entirely compatible (it might even be essentially incompatible) with readability; a "real" text font has to have a certain sort of ugliness about it. In fact I worry Patria is still not ugly enough during deliberative reading. Check out Fleischmann's #65.

That said:
1) There are things I still need to fix, most of all the serifs on some caps.
2) Critiques of Patria entirely welcome*. But if you want to discuss the issue of "necessary ugliness" maybe start a new thread.




Today, learn about the Amenian Genocide.

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hey thanks for the crit randy. i did to a fuzzy edge on the first of these and realized it was the wrong choice. I'll hafta go back and fix that for sure. I'll hafta take a look at the copy between the rules. I can totally see your point about all of the elements together looking too busy. I really should lose the drop cap to make it all as clean as possible. I didn't really think Patria was ugly Hrant! But then again I like ugly. I mean someday i'm gonna buy me a Pontiac Aztec

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no puedo creer que estes pensando en times para hacer un diario.

My mother use times everytime.

La gracia de ser dise

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if only the corporation i work for would let me spend their money for them ;^D (Then I'd get a raise for sure!)

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> no puedo creer que estes pensando en times para hacer un diario.

Paul no esta pensando en hacer este, esta tratando de replacar Times (lo que el diario esta usando desde el inicio), puede ser con Patria.


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> 1) There are things I still need to fix, most of all the serifs on some caps.

My impression is that the serifs on your caps are too small (like the serif on that 'S'). I'm looking to your SWF file (from the Critique thread) and notice that almost all caps have short and thin serifs. And the 'E' is way too wide.

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Font crits to the Partia thread, please!


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