Lo Spirito Moderno

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Wow, with FB Moderno, Typophile looks quite authoritative!

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Nice. Très modern.

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But you would have to write Lo Spirito Moderno to be even more authoritative (and in correct Italian, to boot).

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Antonio, mille grazie! Sono un dilettante.
Fixed. Sounds even better now. :-)

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It's just gorgeous!

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Si. Multo bene!

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Mi piace davvero.

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Very very nice. Really like this one.

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Looking at the booklet of David's typefaces that they passed out last summer at Typecon, I see that this used to be called 'Old Modern'. In its previous incarnation, its lower case terminals were more ball terminals on the roman. In this new version he's taken the sort of swashed 'yin-yang' shape that he had on the italic, and put that on the roman too. That adds a stylish panache to the authority of the previous face, which I think makes it really attractive. I'm sure he's done other stuff as well, but that's what I first notice.

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Lovely. The 'a' is a nice bit of eye candy.

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Old Modern is still a different typeface.

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I'm glad something like this can be both useful and make people happy, while at the same time one thread gets authoritative, and it starts another thread singing, :)


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"and it starts another thread singing, :)"


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