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I am working on a font for school that is based on "sex addiction".
I used organic and humanistic forms along with sperm to
show the need of more and more "sex".

Please visit:

Any feedback would be wonderful!
Thank you so much!


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are they all vectors Courtney?!

I think the look good in terms of the useage. I'm not mad about some of the letterforms as I feel they resemble Hobo which is a pet hate of mine.

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Yes they are vectors.
Thank you for the reply!

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Incredibly, judging by your poster at flicker, it's not really that hard to read it in smaller sizes, though I definitely think they should be used huge! And maybe they don't even spell a word. Just plain, lone letterforms (or cropped areas of it). I get "masturbation" more than "sex addiction" out of it. There are pubic qualities to your typeface, in a good way :) Keep it up (no pun intended)! I agree with jayyy about the letterforms - some of them could be better and still have that ornamental thing going on!


Rodrigo Saiani

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