Log/wood typeface - various {gang}

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Hey...I am looking for a font that has letters that are made of tree logs. I'm not looking for a wood font, but one that looks as if one made letters out of log pieces...
...I had seen one somewhere...can't find it....

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Where's a tinderbox when you need one...


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There are two classic freeware fonts (should be available on any one of the vast smorgasbord of enormous mostly-crap free font archives) that fit your bill. "Logger" and "Wood Badge." Great for invitations to Twin Peaks film festivals and so forth.

I did a quick google search to find a site where one could download Logger, and found many a Boy Scouts of America page which had it up for download, interestingly (for example: http://sne.tripod.com/clip.htm ). I kept finding it only in PC.ttf form; if you're on a mac, you will either need to look harder than me or use a tt converter utility.

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For those who don't have one, I've made a few quick scans from The Solotype Catalog, pg67:



To contact Solotype:

298 Crestmont Drive
Oakland, CA 94619

tel (510) 531-0353
fax (510) 531-6946

hours: 8am - 4:30 PST
Always closed in October

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for your wood font, check the Solotype catalog by Dan X. Solo. Also, I think Larabie might have a wood/log font, but don't quote me on it.



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