"Procedural Typography"

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I'm conducting an independent study this quarter on "process" in type, i.e. procedural approaches to the creation/manipulation of typefaces, letter forms, typographic imagery etc ...

I'm trying to compile a list of people who've touched upon this. Here's who I have so far. Does this ring any other bells for anyone?

Marcus Wendt:


JK Keller:




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Nelio might fit the bill. There’s an essay about it out there somewhere, Stewf might have a link, it’s also in Made With FontFont. Neville Brody did some great stuff designing type with strips of tape, that’s in Made With FontFont as well. And of course, there’s The Proteus Project, you should totally interview the big guys about that one.

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I'm posting mainly so I can keep track of any interesting posts in this thread.
I think I have some url's somewhere as well, once I find them, I will post them. :)

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well THANK YOU quincunx, i love TYPOPHILE, all of your brains are ripe and ready to pick

while you are looking for links, here's one to the site i'll be using to track this project as it progresses - http://anythinganymore.com/

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"Oded Ezer, Typosperma is the second experimental typo project in his 'Biotypography' series."


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Thanks for including me in your research and for all the images/links! Here's some others that I've run across (thanks to Lindsay Ballant for some new ones) for your use:

Letterror is sort of the granddaddy of programmatic type (though I'm sure someone's going to object to that). Specifically, Beowolf has randomized rough edges.
And the letterforms for 'Twin' are affected by the weather in the Twin Cities.

Another older fella ;) is Peter Cho, with Typo Topo

You should definitely check out Scriptographer's Gallery, featuring the work of Jonathan Puckey & Jürg Lehni. Eye magazine did a feature about it a while back.

David Reinfurt created an interesting feature for the design of Yale's architectural 'zine. He asked various designers to take a customized version of Hevetica Neue and make a new typeface from it using some form of alteration. Two examples of computational results were created by Project Projects & Apirat Infahsaeng.

Former classmate Joshua Walton's Babel type generator. Example 1 Example 2

3d type created in Processing.

More processing by Ricard Marxer.

Still not so sure about Hudson-Powell's Responsive Type.

Robotic type in Nikita Pashenkov's Alphabot

agency:collective's Container Steganography.

While not typeface work, these German Students have using scripting in InDesign to do some new methods of layout.

That's what I've got at my fingertips, hope it helps!
-- JK

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oh no wayy, had no idea you were on here! almost goes without saying but thanks so much for your work and thanks a lot (A LOT) for all the links! what a feast you've prepared!

thanks again --- george

and thanks to you russellm, i love the skeet-script

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Bit Fall by the artist Julius Popp.

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