Font Foundries - building an online type setter application

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Here at Letterbox we have been steadily releasing new fonts and are adding to the foundry section of our website.

Currently if you want to see our fonts in action you would use an swf file to preview them. For an example see:
This can be a time-consuming and a little clumsy.

For the last year or so we have been dreaming of having our own type-tester like H&FJ: click test drive tab
or T26: click typesetter tab

Now keeping in mind that we are a small foundry (and hiring a top-notch Ajax programmer isn't within our budget) what are our options?

We are aware of the LetterSetter™ application from LettError, but it doesn't thrill us.

Is there another option?

Do you run a foundry? What is your experience?

Is this an opportunity for some brilliant programmer to build an alternative?

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I think using flash is the best way forward for you.

For an excellent example of a type-tester, have a look at



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I liked Fred Smeijers's website too.

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Would Silverlight work for you?

Right now, you can pass embedded fonts and show glyphs in fixed layout that will be rendered on client system. In version 2 (now in beta) you will have standard text box control allowing basic editing. All this stuff should not require expert Ajax programming.


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Ourtype is a great site, we have been drooling over that one for a while. That kind of Flash work is a little beyond us.

Silverlight is a great new development, but learning a new programming language and software is not a reality for us (still, an intriguing way to spend those quite studio days).

I guess what we were looking for was an option along the lines of LetterSetter but a bit more enticing to use. T26 make good use of this type of system.

Anyway, just putting it our there ...

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