Edwardian Script "&" type alternative needed

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Hello Type peoples.

Looking for an equally elegant alternative to the Edwardian Script Ampersand. I'd like to find something that also has the really exaggerated swashes and light weight qualities of this as well as keeping with the "expected" look of the "&" as cited.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like my attachment wasn't well received.

try this link:

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Did you try mixing the a and t. Or maybe 'and'. This & loks like embellishment. Hehe.

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The OE in that glyphset might serve your purpose, I thought it was an alternate amp at first.

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Take a look at section 1 of Mike's Guide and see if there's anything there that you like.

- Lex

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This is a bit confusing because MyFonts shows this as the default ampersand for Edwardian Script Regular, but the version of Edwardian Script that I have on my computer (I'm sure it came bundled with something by Microsoft) is actually what MyFonts refers to as Edwardian Script Alternate (but shows up in windows as Regular) and contains the ampersand which you show. Perhaps the Pro version sorts all this out?...

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"section 1 of Mike’s Guide" That is gut one link. Scripts!

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Hofweber- good suggestion, but not quite what I want

AGL- not sure what you mean by mixing the "a" and "t". I'm looking for an "and" not a "at".

Lex- Great resource. Thank you.

Paul- Same issue on my PC.

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Maybe Bickham Script Pro

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Great choice Berg! Now if that tail was just curled back up!!!!!!

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Bickham as quite a few swashes which you could manipulate if you'd like.

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Thanks Miss Tiffany. Sorry for the belated reply.

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