FontLab Metrics window question

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Really quick -- and hopefully not too stupid -- question about the FontLab Metrics window:

Anybody know if there's a way to increase the leading between multiple lines of type displayed in the Metrics window? I can't find a preference. This applies to the window display and the printed Font Samples.

I'm finding it more difficult than it could be to reasonably judge colour in a paragraph or with multiple lines because they're set solid. This also means the kerning marks beneath pairs often clash with ascenders in the line below -- another hindrance to determining the look/colour/balance of a whole paragraph.

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I don't know if that is possible, however, I usually just generate a fontfile and set a paragraph in InDesign for print outs.

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Although this is not a good idea but you can temporarily Pull your descender line down, this will increase the leading between lines in the Metrix window too.

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You can export a fontfile in the font directory of the indesign program files. If you save a new document over this old one, it will automatically be updated in Indesign.

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Ok, I thought as much. Thanks all.

I didn't know of the local InDesign fonts directory, but that's definitely a good tip. A bit more laborious than instant tests in the Metrics window though. Perhaps leading should be a feature request.

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