font book restoration

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I am sure I am not the only one that has fallen victim to the font book badness. I had all of my fonts neatly collected into the folders in which they should be. House industries, Carson.... yada yada...

Apparently when I activate them in font book it pulls them from that folder. Does anyone know a way to recollect them from font book and put them back into the folders they were pulled from?

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Font Book's a stinker, activating fonts by moving files to the fonts directory. I'm surprised it's still doing it that way as there used to be many tales of woe. I can't suggest how to restore the sets, but you might like to look into better font management software for future happiness. I use Linotype's free FontExplorer X. Which is fantastic at everything bar printing specimines. The built-in iTunes like shop is brilliant too -- you can quickly search for most things and get good (though usually brief) historical information really quickly.

Thinking about it, on first run I think you can have it organise everything, so it might solve your Font Book mess if you point FontExplorer to the directories Font Book moved things into.

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Andy, What version of fontbook are you using - the version I have moves a copy not the font in its sorted folder. Now using Version 2.03. I remember the first version did as you describe.

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