Fyrste: Heavy metal & constructivism

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When I was younger, I used to draw typefaces and heavy metal logos in my school books and on my Amiga computer (using DeluxePaint). As an adult, I kept my passion for fonts, but I never took the time to learn to use font editing tools. But when Fontstruct came along, I decided to try to create my first TrueType typeface.

The typeface is kind of constructivist and kind of eighties heavy metal-ish. I quite like some of the characters (especially the look of the word kjekke in the sample), but would like some advice on how I can improve the typeface and which characters need improvement.

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When you get into the smaller sizes (which I imagine is somewhere around 24pt in the pdf), the A and R get a little difficult to tell apart, as well as the D and O. The rounded edges should perhaps have a larger radius. If you continue into thinner weights, the problem may resolve itself a little bit. Most of the letter without diagonals look sort of like a Bank gothic condensed, but I like the touches added to the ends of the F, J(#1), E, M (#2), and Q. I'm not sure of why on some characters, you decided to use round or sharp edges, like where it's round on the top of the F, bottom of E, but not round in the upper left corner of the P, or the 3. Something about the 2 is off. Maybe you could take a cue from the Z. The Four seems to be the only character with a rounded terminus, which seems out of character. I like the K and X alot.

You may want to look at the following typefaces for inspiration:

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Thanks for the feedback. I just added an updated version with a new R based on the K, an alternate D that is easier to distinguish from the O and a few other changes based on your comments.

I am not too sure about the V, do you think it looks out of place with the rest of the characters?

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