I want a girly handwriting font.

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Inspired by David's button, I made some advertisements for my school's Help Animals Club. There was obviously a note about meeting times at the bottom, but I've removed it.

These ran in my school's humor newspaper (which actually isn't that funny) because it happens to be hated by the Help Animals Club.

Everyone loves the idea, but I hate the typography. The dingbats don't match the main font, and I don't like the font that I used (Goudy Old Style). I'm planning on making T-shirts out of these, so I ask for advice regarding the font.

I'm thinking it should be something like a pink shirt with white text in a girly handwriting font whose lowercase "i" is dotted with a ♡. It would also need matching ♤♡♧♢. (And they should be open like that.) Can someone recommend such a font? It's fine if the i isn't dotted with a ♡ as that should be easy to make if the font has a separate ♡.

If I can't find that font, I'm thinking some other friendly font with matching ♤♡♧♢ so I don't have to adjust free ones to match the font. You're welcome to recommend other fonts if you don't have any ideas for the girly handwriting font.

I plan on removing the ♥♥ from the first one because the font will have hearts on the "i"s. Also, I plan on replacing "animals" with animals of the purchaser's choice.

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I hadn't realized that other people had already done this, although it isn't surprising. Still, even my original version was better than those things from Kingdom of Loathing.

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It turns out that one of my friends also likes type, particularly handwriting, and recommended Catholic School Girls. It's close to what I want, but doesn't feel quite right to me; I think I want something that looks neater. I tried it anyway. (I know the spacing's all wrong.)

I think I want script that isn't slanted (last row of the image). Can someone recommend a font like this?

It comes out pretty nicely when I do this with a pen, but it's hard for me to do it so nicely with a graphics tablet, and I'd like to see what fonts like this are available. If I can't find an existing font I like, I'll do it by hand and scan it.

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Maybe Rickles Script, a free font by Font Diner

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House Industries has a typeface set called Las Vegas. One the fonts is Fabulous which is kinda girly, four fonts total. Each font comes with a glyph that look one of the suites from a deck of cards.


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I already started using Catholic School Girls, but the ones that gumdrops and Megan suggested look interesting; I'll check them out.

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