Graublau Sans Pro

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The design of Graublau Sans Pro took Georg Seifert over 5 years. With 7 weights and over 1000 glyphs per style, Graublau Sans is a type family that suits all typographic tasks. The regular styles have a rather clean and neutral appearance. The italics on the other hand, have a vivid design based on handwriting. For the use in headlines or logotypes Graublau Sans Pro offer 6 additional display styles with rounded corners and tighter spacing.
Beside the typical western codepages, Graublau Sans Pro also supports Greek, Cyrillic, CE (Central European) and Turkish. There are also several sets of figures available: oldstyle figures and lining figures (both proportional and tabular), small caps figures, fraction figures, subscript and superscript figures and figures inside circles.

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No one has anything to say about this one?

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Personally, I have a bit of "humanist sans fatigue."

There have been so many new releases in this vein over the last several years that it's hard to get excited about another one, as accomplished/polished/complete as this one is.

The expressive italics are a nice touch, and should help distinguish this face from other similar efforts.

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Personally, I have a bit of “humanist sans fatigue.”

Makes me wonder if I should continue working on mine. After 4 years of work, it is hard to let it go, though. My Now Sans italic even looks like that one. I must be the world's slowest type designer :-/


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Keep working on yours. Yes, the Graublau Sans is lovely. Yes, there is a humanist sans fatigue among certain people. But remember that the Typophile community is a tiny fraction of the type using public, and one never knows what captures the public's attention. Four years is a long development. It may be best to work faster, release quicker, and then move on to the next design. Paraphrasing something I read about poetry, "Type design is never finished, only abandoned."

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>the world’s slowest

I can disprove that :)

Are we slowed down by Typophile? Naaa....

Your Now Sans is lovely, and even though it resembles other humanist sans, I found something very special about it. Also remember what Matthew Carter said at your critique at TypeCon: Finish this one first!

I love Froggy more, but probably you should listen to Carter and not me :)

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My comments weren't meant to discourage further releases in the humanist sans vein. And in part they reflect the fact that I spent the last 3 months looking at dozens of humanist sans as I searched for one to recommend as my employer's new corporate face.

But I think the sheer volume of offerings available in this genre means that new releases must work harder to be noticed, whether that's in design, features or marketing.

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