New US Five Dollar Bill

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There have been a several comments about the design of the new US five-dollar bill. In particular, they've criticized the large Helvetica "5" on the back.

They're right. This would have been much better:

Yuk, yuk, yuk. OK, easy target.

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American currency is suffering from the perceived need to be slavishly respectful of the old designs, while desperately trying to incorporate modern security and accessibility features. I wish someone would just pull the plug on the old greenback and allow for a new legacy-free design, instead of these Frankenstein's monster creations. I'm sure some people would howl about it (probably with a mouthful of "freedom fries", but green American currency is being pushed into the multi-color spectrum already, so why do it so half-ass-edly?

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When one of my friends saw the new lavender 5ive, he exclaimed, "It's a five dollar bill for girls!"

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I suppose I understand the 5 for people with poor vision… but is it really a big problem? I feel that if their vision is that bad, braille could potentially be the best solution as was mentioned above.

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Little know fact, many stores here in Seattle accept Canadian notes - much nicer than the new US 2.5 pound note (pictured above) and the exchange rate is around 1:1 so no hard math.

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I'm not sure that's "little known." I thought it was pretty standard near the border for a long time. Then, for a while it wasn't when the buck was strong, and now it is again since they're relatively close. The last time I was in Vancouver I ran out of Canadian money and used a greenback to buy lunch. That was a couple years ago though, when a Canadian would *definitely* accept an American dollar at 1:1 ratio.

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I saw Stefan Sagmeister speak last night. At one point, he began talking about the new five:

*unfolds the bill from his pocket*
"I mean; what the ****?" ("vot ze fock" with his austrian accent) Apparently the Helvetica movie has made its way even through national treasury. This is the typographic equivalent of Hurricane Katrina."

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We may see it go sooner than we thought! Blind Win Court Ruling on U.S. Currency


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Mmh, 1 dollar green (tradition), 5$ blue, 10$ red, 20$ yellow... rainbow is finally coming to america's wallets :-)


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$20 worth $1; $1 worth one penny. They all should be in the red to show how much they have lost. Thanks, W!


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David - I'm not sure changing the colors is really going to help the blind. I think more likely we'll see either varying sizes/shapes or some sort of embossed element that can distinguish the notes - perhaps even braille.

Chris - it works backwards too - a penny costs 2¢ to make and a nickel costs almost a dime.

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¡Only in the States!


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Don't worry, When Canada takes over you can use ours.


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Have you seen the South Park movie?

I think you would get a laugh from it :-)


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Your posting sure brought back memories -- my family, friends and I played "Life" all the time. We had the 1960 "Centennial" Edition (I think it was the Centennial of the Milton Bradley Co.) that featured Art Linkletter on the box, and on the $100,000 bill. I heard he was given the game's highest denomination as a "thank you" for endorsing the game. In that, he even beat out the company's Founder -- Milton Bradley, himself (who only got onto the $50,000 bill)! The others were all "made up" old-tyme folks: G. I. Luvmoney ($20K); Hesperia Mint ($10K); Cyrus Bonanza ($5K); Basil O. Cash ($1K); and Ransom A. Treasure ($500). I always liked Life money best of all, cause it looked more like real money. By comparison, Monopoly, Easy Money, Masterpiece, etc all had very fakey-looking currency!

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They did abolish the penny in Canada, although ours cost 1.6 cents to make, as against 2.4 cents for the American penny. But then, Canadians have been easier to push around, which is why we have loonies and toonies while the Americans rejected the Susan B. Anthony dollar, and why we went metric but the Americans didn't... and the Americans don't even have gun controls.

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