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I like it here. Apart from it obviously indulging my lettering obsession, for a forum (on any subject) it seems friendlier here than most. For some reason forums often tend to be ripe with egos and spiteful people. Maybe it's the anonymity.

So anyway, yesterday I expressed my 'sympathy' for Typophile. I'm not blowing my own trumpet (it was only about £7 after all). I just want to know if I can now plop the little shield top-left onto my avatar. I didn't get any email confirmation other than the PayPal receipt. I don't want to be rude. Can I just leave it there forever? It was a once-off payment.

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No worries, in my case, it took 14 days for the follow-up e-mail. Just a little patience. ;-)

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Yeah it takes them awhile to send it out. I just made my own. :)

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oops double post!

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Sorry y'all, there are a number of you that are still waiting and we have fallen behind a little :( I'll look into getting those outstanding badges to everyone in the next couple of days.

For those who are still awaiting a badge, feel free to send an email to us: typophile [at] punchcut [dot] com

thanks for your patience :)

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Thanks Zara. And Haley, a pink and yellow Clarus too. Moof!

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