Logotypes using Optima or Zapf Humanist

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I need examples of logotypes or whole CI using the Optima
or Zapf Humanist 601 fonts.
Will be gratefull for any suggestions.
Best regards,
Marcin Petrus

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Hi Marcin,

a similar question has been raised recently by Stewf, check out this thread (starting w/ comments from 22.Mar.2008 11.40am et seqq.)

Another one that came to my mind: the drugstore chain Rossmann (based in Germany; also branches in Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary)

Fonts in use at Linotype.com

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Twin-Cities grocery chain Lunds.

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Walk through the personal care products aisle in the local drugstore.

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Delcourt publishing (france), abama, herbert brown, campbells soups, stendhal cosmetics, akmerkez (istanbul), off the top of my head.


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