MARAT release

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Marat is now available at MyFonts (50% off until end of April).
You can find more information about the type family on my webpage. Here you can also find a specimen.
Marat has been selected by this years TDC2.

Hope you like it

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Really beautiful! Gefeliciteerd.'s picture

I agree with Jos. A very beautiful font!

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An exceptionally fresh and alluring family...note the roman lower case a and y (second line "rapidly" in sample below), the very crisp roman fi ligature ("figures" at end of 4th line), the well-judged spacing after the oldstyle figure for one, and especially the well-contrasted bold and bold italics (two bolder weights follow). The OpenType version is quite affordable at current sale prices (how about making those permanent??) and, God bless him, all the fonts are keystroke-linked! Bravo Ludwig...a distinguished debut on the world type stage...we're looking for more from you!

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