What fonts work for business resumes?

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I'm applying for entry level finance and accounting positions and want to know what fonts graphics professionals would think best. From the previous posts I gather that serifs pair well with sans serifs and that layout is more important than design. I am still wondering though, what fonts work best together for a traditionally conservative field? I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.

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For a business resume I wouldn't stress too much about the font. The most applications and resumes (from non designers) I receive have been set with Verdana or Times New Roman and they do the job just fine for what it is. (Yes, I know Verdana is meant to be for web only)

I would go for something neutral within the standard font packages like Palatino, Janson, Garamond etc and then maybe some 12 pt Helvetica for the headings. Just keep it simple.

You should also consider that if you email a word document and the receiver doesn't have the same font on his/hers computer it will chance the layout. So always email a pdf rather than a word-document if you don't print it.

I'm sure some of my fellow type geeks can give some great advise as to why a beautiful font like Mercury can make it more legible and elegant, but I really don't think it matters too much in a business resume – as long as you never use Comic Sans.

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I think this article is quite relevant: http://pigeonblog.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/the-lovely-mary-on-the-game/

Just worth remembering how much of an impact a choice of face can have.

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