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X-treme sports club logo I like to her suggestions ideas basically critical feedback. I

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the X doesn't seem like it is working hard enough to be sweating that much.

I feel like the logo might be a little to illustrated.

What are the 2 dots for?

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I think you have accomplished the necessary drama for extreme sports, but it seems a little gory. Right now it looks like the "X" is an axe dripping with blood. Do you think you can make the drips look more like sweat than blood?


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i think that this has potential but I would take out the grafitti drips it doesnt really fit the logo and its kinda overused right now.(comedy central,ect)

I think you should play with the X, it is a dynamic letter with a lot of possibilities.

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I like the stylized drips. Do you need the dots and the e though? It seems like there's too much going on.

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drop the drips they are played out!!! and wannabe stylish, sorry :-) I like the rest though!

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Thanks for feedback.

Considering your comment I made some modifications as you see. I don

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I like the hidden arrows, FedEx style. Do something subtle with those.

And for math geek correctness, most formulae involving e are e to some other power, not the other way around. Yes, I know sometimes e is an exponent. That's not the point.

Finally, a devil's advocate position, which may or may not be relevant

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#2 or #6. Or what Chase said. ;o)

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if you do keep the drips make sure they are skewed on the same angle as the X. right now they aren't following the same perspective - the curves wouldn't be perpendicular.

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First of all... forget about the "e". Extreme people usually hate math :-)

Try to keep the logo as simple as possible, so you could remove the dots too. The drips are suggesting "sweat" or "blood"? If you really wanna keep them, use the fourth logo. But I'm not so sure this is a good idea (keeping the dots) :-)

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Why not just use a lc 'e' as the logo? Simple and less overused than 'x'.

Of course, there is that nasty association with MDMA. :-/

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