Paring News Gothic with a Good Serif

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What's a good serif face to pair with News Gothic? Any ideas/suggestions?

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Check Arnhem (

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Nice. I love the rock-n-roll references.

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What is the project?

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It's an electronic press kit for a band. Basically a PDF brochure.

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What is the band like?

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Pairing News Gothic with a Good Serif

Sounds good to me.

- Lex

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_What is the band like?_

It's an a capella band that does a little bit of everything, from jazz to barbershop to gospel. They've been around for 18 years and have performed for U.S. Presidents, etc., and even sang the national anthem for one of the Final Four games last year.

I've already started setting type for the project, using Helvetica Neue Ultra Light for the headlines and Helvetica Light for the body, but I'm still open to suggestions. My boss hasn't seen it yet. ;-)

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