Aurelio - thinking of resurrecting this serif project

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Done during my undergraduate years under Leah Hoffmitz, which had (and continues to) generously share and teach the love of letterforms.

Looking forward to critiques! :)

Thank you,

aurelio specimen.pdf179.81 KB
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Well, I'd say it was well worth pursuing. How far have you got? The roman all kerned and exported, needing an italic?

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Hi Vera!

Very very nice work I find!
Nice drawings also. I do like much the ‘a’ and also ‘g’.
Nice airy text flow.
I do envy you fot this work!

Good luck to your projects

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PS The ‘y’ is very special, too!

Go on!
And please keep the wider spaces!
(antoine de saint exupery: good!)

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Please, please, please keep working with this one.

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Hi Vera,

i would like to see some letters like g or a in Beziérs if that’s possible for you.
You made a nice design there.


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