What's this font with a slanted "e"?

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I've tried lots of font ID sites, and I always come up empty. Any ideas?

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A bit small, the e reminds me of Sansa from www.ourtype.be

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I would guess that that might be specifically a pixel font designed at that size vs. an actual typeface shrunk down.

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The ampersand is completely different than Sansa, though.

At this size, the slanted "e" could be a result of hinting, if the font was a TTF-based font hinted for display.

Or it could be a pixel font, as mentioned previously. any other samples?

Jason C

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Here's another one...sorry they're so small

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Sure seems like a Pixel font. I just searched the Bitmap/Pixel collection at Dafont and didn't see a match.

- Mike Yanega

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Yes, I've been looking at a whole lot of pixel fonts, but I can't find the exact match. I'll just keep searching. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

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