New fonts for Spring! Lots of 'em! - Font Bros Update!

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Happy Spring!

Just like an explosion of Spring flowers comin' up from 'neath the soil, we've got a whole mess of fantastic and BRAND NEW FONTS for you and a NEW FOUNDRY!

The Font Bros are pleased to announce the addition of Alison Argento's Dear Alison font foundry, a tribute to handwritten correspondance styles we're sure you'll love!

Dear Allison - Gladly Mailed is a cursive handwritten font inspired by old correspondence. It has been built in OpenType format and includes custom letter pairs to swap double capitals, double lowercase, and double number pairs with custom ligature variations as you type to create a more randomized look. Check it out at:

Dear Allison - Smiley is a spunky little sign-painteresque font, ideal for childrens books, posters, etc. Check out this fun number at:

CBDO - Louisiana originated from the lovely handwriting style of Melanie Snedeker. Lettering Artist Charles Borges de Oliveira then refined the letter forms to produce this one of a kind handwriting script. When you need a legible handwriting font, Louisiana is the perfect choice. Check it out at:

Outside the Line - Dearest John is the first font in the Love Letters series from Outside the Line. It is a bouncy hand lettered font. If you type caps and lower case you get one look. If you type all caps you get another look. Kind of 2 fonts for the price of one. Check it out at:

Harold's Fonts - This month must be super special as Harold unleashes not one but TWO NEW MONOGRAM FONTS! Clover Monograms and Heart Monograms! Each monogram set contains full 2 and 3 letter monogram combinations and the Heart Monogram set allows the ability for black on white or white on black monograms. Both contain a choice of several fantastic decorative frames. Check 'em both out at: and

Sideshow - Introducing Certified! The world's first TYPABLE CERTIFICATE BORDER FONT FAMILY! Rather than scale a static eps image and end up choking up your design with too much border and not enough space, our Certified fonts allow you to create beautiful ornate certificate borders that can be scaled to the correct thickness and shape to fit any size document or image area. Each of three spectacular fonts includes five amazing certificate border designs and a PDF user manual that explains quick and easy methods to build a border using Certified. Check 'em out at:

Sideshow - Hey kids! What's wacky, bouncy, and jam-packed with excitement and thrills? It's Doinky and Doinky Inline! That's right, you'll have bucket-loads of fun with these new OpenType fonts from Sideshow. Amaze your friends with tons of Doinky Alternates! And they'll totally flip over your crazy collection of Doinkbats, the perfect compliment to this family! Check 'em out at:

Astigmatic - Henhouse was inspired by the titling of the classic cartoon, "Mother was a Rooster", comes this offbeat typeface, the perfect lettering to add some spunk to your designs! Check it out at:

Astigmatic - Schnitzle was inspired by lettering from a series of old detergent ads, Schnitzle is a stylish and playful typeface. Easy to read, fun to look at, a perfect typeface for childrens' books, advertisements, and playful designs! Check it out at:

Astigmatic - Montelago was inspired by logotype of the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas comes the Montelago typeface, complete with a restrained capitals version, and a flare version with true to form lengthy capitals. Definitely a typeface with capitals to be used in moderation! Check it out at:

We hope you enjoy this HUGE April release and we're already working on what May has in store!

Mike & Stuart
The Font Bros

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I need to move to Minneapolis—clearly you guys have more fun with fonts than we do out here in DC.

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Not much to do when it you're buried in snow for four months . . . Well I mean EXCEPT the occasional visit to the Mall of America :D

Stuart :D

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