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This is my first post... sorry to start off by just asking questions and looking for Font IDs, but apparently, that's how I roll. :)

I am trying to find two different typefaces.

The first would be the typeface used in the "district five" logo. I am trying to find the typeface used for the "american advertising association" and word "district". I believe they are the same.

The second is the Rapha logo. I'm thinking it might actually just be handmade, like the Titleist logo ( was... but thought I'd ask.

Any help you might give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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District could be an edited Gotham Book. The lowercase s is the most distinguishing character. Could be wrong.

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Damn, and I thought stephen was letting me take a few tonight. Thanks for the save :)

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We've had the Rapha logo before. It was indeed hand done, (digitally) by me in 2004 for Rapha Racing.

Nick Cooke

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Stephen, thank you for the help... and Nick, it's a truly beautiful mark.

Thank you both.

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That is very poor - not half as good as the one I was going to do.

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