Talk by Christian Schwartz in Tokyo (April 8th)

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Hi there,

To all Tokyo typophiles, Christian Schwartz will be giving a talk about his work and type in general, next Tuesday, April 8th. The talk will be bilingual (Ja/En), with Q&A and an hour of chit chat and mingling afterwards.

The talk is presented by Tokyo Art Beat, and will be hosted by myself.

More info about the event on Tokyo Art Beat

To give a preview of the event to TAB's audience, I did an interview with Christian on TAB's blog.

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i wish to attend. can you send me a new york - tokyo airplane ticket?


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I hear he's big in Japan . . .


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big in japan... the song?

a Buenos Aires - Tokio airplane ticket too!

Nice interview, thank to share.

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I’ll attend!

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Ooh, I'm right next door in Korea, but this is too short a notice for me, unfortunately...

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Hi Chris
I'm glad to know about this info here. I'm going to join this lecture.
I'll introduce this info to graphic designers of my friend who might be interested in this.
Limited seating of 90. hmm.. I'm worried that I can have a seat.

And I've been curious about your activity in AQ. I always check your web site.
I hope to see you there, too.

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Thanks for spreading the word and for your interest in AQ.

You should be able to get a seat if you arrive around or before 8pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there (please come say hi after the show!)


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See you later soon.

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night! We had a full house despite the non-stop rain, and there were a lot of good discussions going on.

Judging by the strong turnout of Japanese type designers and students, I guess this kind of type-related event is pretty rare in Tokyo, so I hope we can make more happen in the future.

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Hi Chris,

It was a very excellent event. I really enjoyed it.

I appreciate all of your help last night. Because you hosted the event, I attend it, could listend to his talk and could talk with him (thank you for your interpretation). Thank you very much.

Indeed, this kind of type-related event is very rare in Tokyo. I hope there are more events like this in the future.

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Thanks for the opportunity to see Christian's presentation. It was really great show.
And I was glad you had helped me have communicate with Christian Schwartz.
As I want to come the next show, too, so please you let me know the next info when you get it.

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