Announcement: Type 2.2 font editor update

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Type 2.2 OpenType font editor (Windows only) update now available.

New features are:
- open and save OpenType PostScript (.otf) fonts (not CID-keyed).
- conversion both ways between TrueType & PostScript fonts.
- drawing and editing of PostScript glyphs as true cubic bezier curves.

Allan Murray

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how come this is not bigger news! this looks really promising :)

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It's not FontLab, therefore it's not interesting to the majority of the users on this board. I'm interested in this software, and am hoping eventually to have enough spare change to register my shareware copy.

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@spiral: Because most people who edit fonts use Macs.

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well, hopefully with the release of tools like this, that will no longer have to be the case :)

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