LetterHead Can't Process My Order

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does anyone know how to order LetterHead fonts from outside the USA?

Their order form correctly recognized I am writing from Germany (either from my IP or from my email address) but then insisted I check the box for the "state" I live in - offering a choice between US states, the UK and the Netherlands.

I used their contact form for help, but no answer so far. This leads me to believe that there must be a compatibility problem. I am using Firefox on a Power Mac with Tiger.

Maybe you can give me some advice how to contact them by other means - there is no phone number on their site.



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I've emailed Chuck to call his attention to the situation. I'm sure he will get back to you. (If he hasn't already.)

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Hi, Miss Tiffany,
thank you for your help.
In the meantime I just tried to manually type in the tiny province I live in - must be tiny compared to any US state - and it worked! I am now the proud owner of seven new fonts!

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From Wikipedia:

Bavaria (German: Freistaat Bayern (help·info), with an area of 70,553 km² (27,241 square miles) and almost 12.5 million inhabitants, lies in the southeast of Germany and is the geographically largest state (Bundesland) of Germany. Its capital is Munich.

In area, you're a little bigger than West Virginia, and a little smaller than South Carolina. That makes you bigger than most of the New England sates, including Massachusetts.

The 2000 (year) National Geographic Road Atlas lists the population of Pennsylvania as 12,001,451, so you're a little bigger. Pennsylvania is the sixth largest state in the U.S.

In short, your size is pretty significant!

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"In short, your size is pretty significant!"


But seriously, this was interesting information - my knowledge about geography su...!

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