A pair of completely unrelated questions...

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ok here goes...

1) does there (or should there) exist a standard web banner for us typophiles that we can put on a links page when building a website? i mean some thing that exudes the message "proud member of typophile.com, click here to be whisked away." just a thought i had.


2) can any of you type afficionados recommend a well-designed, sturdy edition of poe's complete works? either all in one tome or some kind of series that includes all of his poetry and stories.

thnx for yer help/feedback.

p.s. i just remembered one more...

3) anyone know where i can find a latin bible in paperback?

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Well, I can sort of answer number one...

> ... does there (or should there) exist a standard web banner ... ?


A variety of attractive membership- and recruitment-themed banners and buttons might be a nice addition, actually. I would certainly put something like that to use.

Spread the good word, wot?

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