Typophile 8th Year Redesign

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Another year has passed at Typophile, and as we are near our 8th year, we have completed another redesign. We moved away from the logo with the 7 animation (no one got it anyway). Also gone is the newsprint inspired design. The white on black text reflects the default state of the screen, where black is white. As we look toward the future and see that print is going the way of the dodo, we have redesigned our identity to include the futuristic electron blazing around the word mark in all of its probabilistic glory.

If you see any bugs, or would like to see the text larger, or if you would like to express your opinion in any way, please post your comments to this thread.

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>_< am i the first to see this?



omg... april rooolzzz!!!!

>_< first to post, first to be the fool !!

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I've been considering something similar to this for my own site. It is nice to see it in action and working so well.

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Yes, please. Larger text size and more repeating background shapes. The logo truly speaks of freshness. And rebirth. And fertility.

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Electron blazing logos are way cool.

I think more organisations should use them.

Mild crit: it is very "flat"… perhaps you could have added some shading… or a lighting effect… or both.

Keep up the good work.


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It is as if my dream of becoming very tiny and inhabiting the fabric of one of Ronald Reagan's suits has come true. I never want to wake up.

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In Camino and Firefox, the type size can be pretty small, and type sizes seem to differ from post to post. Increasing type size only works for some posts while others are still in small print.)  :)

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> If you see any bugs

I see Bugs Bunny

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I've had the same experience with Firefox and Safari. The type is so small that poor middle-aged guys can barely read it.

Other than that, it's an interesting re-design.

Jim Tubman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"The Stampede City"

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Folks, have you tried this in Safari Webkit Nightly Build r31447?
Webfonts rrrride, and wreak havoc on Typophile!

One minor bug: Dezcom has to update his icon, I guess. Looks like his Veil of Veronica.
For the record:

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its cool but cant you add sum animayshun? also, im looking for a font that work's with trebuchet. thx!!

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this redesign is brilliant (except the logo needs to be squooshed® more, if possible, just a personal preference)

keep up the amazing work, and ignore the h8ers! :P

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The repeated shape with the colors and the lines in the background are so ugly. Common guys is this the best you can do? I used to love logging into the old typophile and enjoy reading anything within the old design. Change is great but usually a redesign goes from something bad to a something better. In this case its the opposite. How long do we need to suffer with this design?


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Congrats, this is so today!

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This is the sort of thing that might provoke the Inquisitor!*

For some reason it is still impressive as hell that you can do this on a dime even if I already knew in you could. :-)

I am longing to see a real redesign if one exists!

*The Inquisitor is a self-repairing simulant who survived until the end of time and, coming to the conclusion that there is no God and no afterlife, decided that the only point of life was to live a worthwhile life. He is on a journey through time, seeking out the worthless and erasing them from existence, allowing a different person to exist in their place — the person who would have been conceived. And yes, I am getting my Geek-on! This is a Red Dwarf reference.

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In Win XP + IE 6.0, most texts are far too small:

see http://www.sanskritweb.net/temporary/typesize.gif

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> we have redesigned our identity to include the futuristic electron blazing

The Typophysical Society (?)

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Christian, you RAWK. I bet you had to sneak in this redesign while Joe and Jared were looking the other way. More power to ya, I say. BIGGER TYPE is the way to go -- So say we all!! I'd say every post should be set in 60 pt. The more pixels we use up, the better. In fact, add some more colors to the background, if you can squeeze 'em in there. Keep up the good work!

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This is nice but where is the giant RSS button?

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Ah, at last a design we can all be proud of. 2 suggestions though:

- this is all a bit static... you should consider putting some animated gifs here and there.

- the typeface, though very legible now that the size is a-ok, is still a little bit monotone: why not using this really nice comic sans? it would add a pinch of fun.

keep up the good job, kisses from istanbul.


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Well, I have a problem with this layout. In the forum page (http://www.typophile.com/forums) the table of topics 'crop' the text, so I need to to reduce the text size.

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may i know which part of comic sans is nice?
a pinch of fun? Damn i thought this was a real type forum

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April, April

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April is the cruelest month, breeding
Fixed background out of the dead land, mixing
Futuristic electron blazing around the word mark
[. . .]

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cR@aAzZY sTyYyYle!!!:P :) :D ;) ;)

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i miss a vote somewhere! ;o)
i am looking forward to when 1st of april is over, so typophile can be used again.

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What a nightmare!
Type is something everybody uses everywhere in all colors, shapes forms. The first thing a type lover would expect in a forum for type is to see TYPE! clear blunt and beautiful.

the redesign simply fails to do that.
Although too dark (don't we all assess type, black on white?) the stripped background is witty enough, but what are those watermark logo repetition?
And an ellipse for a typography forum?! Come on guys! That's your best shot to give Typophile a cutting edge in design? "futuristic electron blazing" is like on of those tag lines of the nineties!
It definitely lacks confidence and the real-substance attitude.

Typofile seems to immature with age.

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Comment from a newcomer:
»Type 101« and »Type 110« are not working properly.

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This is cool! But where can I put a forum signature? And why don't each of our comments have a link to our AIM and ICQ numbers?

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IT'S FKN UGLY!!!!!!!! muha

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Yeah, that design is hideous. I hope, tomorrow the "real" design will be up. If not, I'll post my constructive criticism here... Wow, that'd be a lot!

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Where can I get white fonts from?
I really like what you've done. It brings retro right up-to-date, very 1995.
Now it's almost perfect (although the use of Eras would have been the icing on the cake).
The one trick you missed out on is a nice animated logo...no wait, you had that last time...

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Very 1995 indeed. But for the tables. fully using valid HTML+CSS is anything but retro. Come on guys, you can do better: let the tables rule! Bring in some transparent-gif spacer images,...!

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It's a joke? Isn't it? If not, I think, James have chosen exact the right time to leave ...

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What date is it today? ;-)

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Maybe if I could read it, I'd have a comment.

How about a switch, so those that only want to look can have the new format; those that want to read can have the old format?

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Cooper White?
Typophile is always on the bleeding edge of design innovation.
And you haven't disapointed this time either.
Black is the new black. Stunning.
I'm thinking of redesigning my site in this new style (shall we call it 'WebNoir 1.0).
Unfortunately my chosen body copy font could be a problem.
I'm thinking of using Cooper Black.
Does anyone have a link to a reversed-out (Cooper White?) version of the font?

Also, are there any Tippex-effect grunge fonts (I already have Caslon Chalk Board Roman)

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mmmmm, the first of april. just threw up when i saw this and more than just a little. *wiping mouth*

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Hehe, this thingi doesn't work and is looking ugly, you know that for sure. No problemo for me, because you will certainly change back tommorow.

So… have fun

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Yowser! Hilarious, but: I'll come back tomorrow.

Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Actually, the design is UNREADABLE. And must be a joke, however I cannot bear without Typophile not a single day, so I have switched off style sheets and am looking at the plain HTML in my browser. I'm really happy you did not apply inline styles ;-)

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It's funny: it's supposed to be a joke, but there are actually some nice things in it: The increased type size, the fast loading because the Flash is gone, the large text buttons ("7 new comments") …

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Well, guys, you heard it: white is the new black!

I am so happy I have Firefox with Webdeveloper plugin to actually keep on reading posts. Hurray for user stylesheets!

Happy April Fools everyone. ^___^

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hi sort of new here so will tread carefully.

Ok I opened Safari, opened my quick bookmarks, turned away from the monitor, to turn back and see the new design.First I threw my hands in the air and away from the keyboard just incase the return key blows my Mac, "oh s*%t!!! the forum has been hacked!!!" delve further to find that it is the new design. I don't know what I was more afraid of, the hack or the new design. At least the hack would be temporary.

Then considering the elements and the background all I see are nose rings, navel rings... any kind of piercing ring with the ball (do a search on google)... and a Don Johnson shiny brown, olive to yellow suit.

Looked at the date on the calendar... aha!... I mean phew!... ahem...

talented people

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It is a joke - right? April First, 2008.

It is faster, though...

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I second Ralf:
Flash is nice for the ‘Featured Face’, but it seems to have noticeable slowed down the performance. Big text: yeah; actually I didn’t notice, as I always have overridden the tiny default with my browser settings.
And: finally I can spot the inline hyperlinks, hooray! (though they don’t have to be green …)

For the next (real) update: Can’t we have <blockquote> and some other semantic, non-hazardous elements? And please allow <b> and <i>, too. In a typographic community, not everything that may be italicized is really meant to be emphasized.

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A ugly joke!!!!

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you bet!!!!

i´ll pray this would be only a april 1st joke :)

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If only there was a way to have black text on a white background AND no Flash.

All on the same site.

Then we really would be laughing.

Ah well, maybe tomorrow?

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