Pecunia non olet: Linotype sells Berthold fonts

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Considering the fact that Linotype and Berthold waged innumerable legal wars against each other, it is bizarre that Linotype now sells Berthold fonts.


"Who touches pitch, shall be defiled", they say in the Hebrew Bible, but Linotype alias Monotype prefers the Roman proverb "Money does not smell".

Chris Lozos asked in another thread: "If you can’t sue them, join them? :-)"

For addicts of knock-off clones, this bizarre new "mariage d'amour" between Linotype and Berthold has a big thrill: Now, for the first time at the Linotype website, knock-off clone addicts may buy BOTH "the nefarious evil knock-off clone" (Bruno Steinert's famous words concerning Arial) of the Helvetica font, called "AG Book", AND the knock-off clone of Akzidenz-Grotesk, called "Basic Commercial". I suggest that Linotype offers a "combination discount" to addicts of these knock-off clones in order to boost the sales figures.

There may be another reason, why Harvey Hunt now married his enemy Linotype: Since his law-cognizant wife Melissa decided to quit him, he now has nobody who can prepare new cease-and-desist letters and lawsuits against Linotype for him.

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Uli, it is one thing to share your information about the type business. But sharing someone's private information is neither called for or welcome.

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information about the type business

As quite a few people here could testify, Melissa Hunt was very much a part of this business. I certainly have been at the receiving end of many documents written on behalf of her husband. I certainly hope she has quit the type business for good, as that may put an end to a lot of arbitrary legal actions that have cost a lot of us time, money and sleep.

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Miss Tiffany:

Since Professor Spiekermann was knighted, he can't be too wrong:

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Yes, I've learned long ago not to argue with a knight.

I was mostly commenting with the thought of anyone's divorce being brought up on these forums.

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I should like to mention that I now must doubt whether my above information that Melissa Hunt quit Harvey Hunt is correct, on account of two emails which I received. One email claims that Melissa quit Harvey, and the other email claims that Melissa did not quit Harvey. Since both persons who sent me emails are members of Typophile, it is up to them to corroborate their claims.

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Oh, Uli, if only we could quit you.

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