graphic design movie anyone?

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We were having a discussion at my agency about the Helvetica movie. All in all, it's a nugget and we dug it.
But do any of You esteemed colleagues here at Typophile know of any movie about graphic design done in the same vein? Not an historical account of design per se, rather a more contemporary view on the different aspects of the corporate identity. Preferrably featuring brilliant sound bite men and women like Erik Spiekermann, Michael Bierut or Paula Scher. Or something such like?
It could be shorter, it could have a less attractive soundtrack, it could be made by you. I'm curious to see what comes to mind.

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Hillman Curtis has made some movies with for instance Milton Glaser, Pentagram, Paula Sher, Sagmeister ...


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gôtt mos!

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I’ve always found Erik Spiekermann’s short programme Typomania amusing. via Youtube

WARNING: Video contains offensive neckwear.

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Typomania is great, unfortunately it's a bit, um, type-centric. I'll bump this thread up a bit. And considering the day, no documentaries on the fair life on the island San Serriffe are really what I had in mind either.

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