Corel Draw and .pfb

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Apparently there still exists the ability to create .pfb files from Corel Draw directly. (Yes, I use Corel. Their academic licensing allowed me to purchase their X3 suite for $95. Find me a similar deal for Adobe and I'll change my allegiance.) Now, I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about PS fonts, but would it be worth my while to fiddle around with this?

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It's useful to add single characters to a font, but you cannot really use it as a font editor.
I would rather suggest Font Forge or TypeTool.

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While I agree with Ralf, I believe there was even an option to export fontfiles (.ttf) directly from CorelDraw. I have done it once, many years ago. I'm not sure how it worked again, but you'd place a character on a page of certain size (which would work as sidebearings) and export/save it constantly to the same file untill the charmap was full.

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Yeah, the ttf option doesn't seem to be there in Corel X3, which is what I have. But the pfb option is still there.

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