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When teaching typography, I sometimes like to start presentations off with an interesting video.

For example, a friend of mine just showed me the DVNO video.

I am suggesting we all pitch in and help each other build a library of typography videos to excite young design students. Imagine a room full of 18-24 year old 1st-2nd year design students who don’t know a lot about type, and if they do, they probably think it’s dull.

I’ve used


A clip from Hero with the dying calligraphers



Thanks for your time.

[edit — some links are now borken. I will try to fix soon]

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Hey Theunis, don't diss Edith Piaf. ;)

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Although it's more calligraphy, it must be said that the movies by Job and Roel Wouters, are great.


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Just seen the video recommended by 5star, it is fantastic!

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Cyrus Highsmith Sketchbooks. A video from Font Bureau.

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A teaser from http://glyphosaurus.com/ who you can also follow @glyphosaurus.

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How about these from our dear, dear Auntie Beeb? (BBC2 (the more upmarket of the Beeb's TV channels) had a rep for being a bit more imaginative and experimental with their idents).



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Hey guys,

Love this thread. Building upon the success of our Typophile Film Fests, we've long wanted a destination for these great typography videos.

So here it is: http://typophile.com/video

To add a video to this stream, simply add the tag "video" to your blog or forum post, and it will appear there.

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Sweeping Beauty II — A guy making giant callibrahy on the street with a bucket and broom

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Just watched this coolio awesome video featuring Hebrew typography....

Hadag Nahash - Od Ach Ehad - Official Video


Still don't know what being sung, but it's awesome anyways :)


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Beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations on Vimeo, via Tumblr: http://nicetype.tumblr.com/

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My beautiful Arabic Naskh font "Zuhair Albazi Naskh" in a video

Font preview on Typophile


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Typembrya by Oded Ezer

An homage to the Herb Lubalin’s Mother & Child logo. Well done. After effects?

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Make My Logo Bigger Cream

Get some tissues because this put me in tears all the way to the end.

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Christopher Dean
Here is the full documentary on Doyald Young. http://www.lynda.com/home/Player.aspx?lpk4=75866

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Beautiful. Thank you.

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Not exactly a video....
Creating with letters:

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The Rolling Stones -- Doom And Gloom (Lyric Video)



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Is that the actual video or just another weak “look at me! I just discovered After Effects!” student project? If the Stones have sunk that low for video’s, this is a sad day indeed.

That, and the entire thing reeks of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Even the melody. Disappointing.

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I don't know for sure if the immortal ones commissioned the work or even gave it their Stones seal of approval ...or if it was simply commissioned by Universal ...or what.

Computer Arts featured the work...


Here's the agency's blog post...



Boddy D's still the standard!


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Alfred Hitchcock:

North by Northwest (00:01:54)

Psycho (00:01:58)

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Is that what you see when you click the link? It works for me…

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The new David Bowie video - Where are we now?


There seems to be a homogeneity to the type(s) seen and used with the collection of memories n'stuff of the video set.

Is that Bookman Swash featured on a bag at 3:05?

This video seems to be about typefaces from a bygone era ...where are we now?

Distressed type writter font
Bookman Swash(?)
Souvenir on the David's t-shirt(?)



I think that's Bjork featured in the teddy bear's other head ...maybe.

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Is that Bookman Swash featured on a bag at 3:05? = Yes

And it’s certainly not about typefaces, I’ll have to give it a few more views and do a little background but I’m pretty confident its referring to where we are regarding social and political contexts, the video footage on the screen behind them is most likely from a specific movement and I’d hazard a guess that his silent partner is a figure that is a clue to the context. She has to be important on a level other that musical artist given that she doesn’t sing.

Initial reaction with no research makes me feel “where are we now?” is a general declaration of S’s Fd up and we haven’t made any progress, in fact quite the opposite.

Thanks for the post. A great addition.

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Np bro , rock on, glad to contribute.

For me it's that crystal skull which I think really interesting. Featured bold up front at the beginning and then sits isolated down on the floor/stage to the left of the double teddy bear throughout the video.


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That was great, thx.

Timberlake's lyric video using some sans serif...

Suit & Tie (Official Lyric Video)



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Here is an animation we created to promote our Engrez Sans: http://vimeo.com/48067479

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This is the promotional video for a current type design project I'm working on & trying to get the funding to finish it and release it as a libre font.


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So, Guttenberg created blackletter? I accidentally closed the page as soon as he said that, so I missed the rest.

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Heh. Agreed. If you read the comments on the YouTube page you’ll see many other comments to the same effect.

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A boy and his atom: The world’s smallest movie (01:35)
At the end. Sweet jebus them’s is some bragging rights.

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I saw that on BBC yesterday - it's very cool.
But: Where's the type?


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